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Gunge Tank Debut
Added 2/11/19    1209 views
In this 2 part gunging we see the debut of the gunge tank loving built for gungetowers. scene 1, Hina back for day 2 of filming takes to the chair. hes never been in a gunge tank before so will he enjoy his experience? we made things extra fun wit...
Baby-Shark Gets Messy
Added 2/12/19    1358 views
Baby shark our latest visitor to gunge towers wants to be nappied up like a toddler and seems to be childish sweet and innocent, that is until he gets the Gunge Towers Treatment!. From the sublime to the ridiculous in this both humorous and raunchy...
Builder Pauls Messy Quiz Show
Added 2/3/19    1260 views
Our first guest to Gunge towers is Paul who is a real life builder and as we all know its dirty work. Paul faces a few rounds of google generated questions should he get them wrong he gets messy. Simple? not as easy as you may think as Paul seeming...
All Black Messy Slick
Added 2/22/19    1497 views
See our new regular model splat-matt. in this all black messy slick video we introduce Splat-Matt our newest regular model. having only done gunge once before Splat-Matt wastes no time in getting down and filthy in the black gunge. they start by cov...
Hina's Just Desserts
Added 2/11/19    1125 views
Hina Gets his just desserts when visiting Gunge Towers. Being Covert Gunges ex, we get into a tit for tat pie session to begin with this quickly becomes a torrent of slime and amazing glove work by the Hina makes sure that Covert gunge is brought to...
A-wild-slime-appears Debut
Added 2/15/19    1416 views
in this slightly raunchy episode we see A-Wild-slime-appears finally take the gunge seat as we get close and sexual in all the lovely mess provided. covert gunge pours gallon after gallon, pie after pie on slime and hes loving every second of it in...
Gunge Towers 01: The Debut--Special Forces
Added 2/3/19    875 views
Covert Gunge its bound in duck tape and led to the pool where his the special forces officer is determined to make a real mess of his bound assailant. Buckets of thick gunge, and pies await Covert Gunges fate, but what special forces soldier would be...
Missing Usa Pies
Added 9/8/23    267 views
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Wel I've been home form the USA for 2 weeks now and realised I need thier pies again.

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